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Data Recovery

We are Baton Rouge’s #1 data recovery choice. Have your data restored right, the first time!

We offer Data Recovery on:

  • Broken Flash Drives
  • Internal/External HDD or SSD

Having trouble accessing your files? We can help. From physically broken flash drives to corrupt files, we offer a number of data recovery options.

Also, with the fastest repairs in Baton Rouge, we will get you back to work sooner. No appointments are needed, walk-in’s are welcome!

Data Backup and Migration Services

For many people, it’s not the physical computer that’s important to them, but rather the data (the pictures, the documents, the videos, music, etc.) that really matters. If you’re getting a new computer, let our experts transfer the data that makes a computer “Your” computer.

Remember, just because your computer isn’t functioning doesn’t mean that the data on it is no longer accessible. If you have a failed or failing computer, let the experts here at Computer Heaven save what matters most to you.

No appointments are needed. Walk-in’s are welcome! For questions about our repair and protection services, please choose one of the options below.

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