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Repair Services

Helping over 350 users a month, we do Computer Repairs, System Builds, Virus Removal, and Data Backup, all at our local facility.

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Gaming Rigs

Custom-built gaming PC

A gaming rig is a computer designed specifically to play computer games on. It usually has high-end components in it, as current computer games are among the most hardware intensive programs. Gaming rigs require high-end graphics cards, fast RAM, and hard drives to reduce latency in running games. They also need powerful processors to run games at their best. The processing power of a computer will often be pushed beyond its normal limits by “overclocking” the CPU to run faster than it normally would. Since this can cause the computer to overheat, a rig may also include additional cooling

Repair Services

Helping over 350 users a month, we do Computer Repairs, System Builds, Virus Removal, and Data Backup, all at our local facility.

Desktop Repair
Is your desktop computer not performing the way it should? No matter the problem, Computer Heaven has you covered.
Laptop Repair
Is your laptop not performing the way it should? No matter the problem, Computer Heaven has you covered.
Apple Repair
Is Apple refusing to fix your Mac? Cracked screen? Not Charging? Is battery life too short? Laptop running slow? No matter the problem, Computer Heaven has you covered.
Data Recovery
Having trouble accessing your files? We can help. From physically broken flash drives to corrupt files, we offer a number of data recovery options.
Virus and Spyware Removal
Computer Heaven can remove all viruses and spyware from your system as well as provide guaranteed protection that you will never get infected ever again!
System Upgrades
Is your computer not performing the way it should? Instead of replacing it, upgrade it! Let the experts at Computer Heaven help

Computer Heaven

is Baton Rouge's local computer shop

A gaming rig is a computer designed specifically to play computer games. Gaming rigs have high-end Processors, Video Cards, RAM, and Solid State Drives all designed to give you the edge when playing today’s PC games. Many people want their gaming rigs to look awesome as well so they can be decked out with custom cases, RGB lighting, liquid cooling, and even LCD screens on and inside your PC case! Computer Heaven has been building custom gaming rigs for over 25 years with lifetime labor warranties. Stop by today to see our selection of ready-to-go gaming rigs in our Baton Rouge showroom, or let us custom-build a rig that’s perfect just for you.

Our Products

We have Baton Rouge's finest selection of Laptops, Desktops, Apple Products, PC Components, Cables, and more.


We build the best custom desktops. Whether it’s for the office, production, or gaming, we can build the dream machine you need.


Computer Heaven has a wide selection of new and refurbished Windows, and Apple Laptops available in Baton Rouge.

Gaming Computers

Computer Heaven has been building gaming computers since 1995. Whatever look or level of performance you want to reach...

PC Parts

With a fully stocked sales floor, we have the widest selection of PC parts in Baton Rouge. Whether you are building a system from the ground up or upgrading an existing system

Apple Products

Having trouble with your Mac? Computer Heaven can repair your Mac, even when Apple refuses to. Our technicians offer full repair services...

Cables & Adapters

Computer Heaven is your one stop shop for all of your computer needs. Browse our selection of computer cables for your networking project, your newest system...

No appointments are needed. Walk-in's are welcome!

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Computer Protection reimagined, never get infected again. Our virus protection is backed by the local experts you trust.

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There are many valid reasons why you should choose us to take care of your valuable device

Experienced Professionals

We pride ourselves on being a professional computer repair facility

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Our technical experts will get you honest, reliable and professional help

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Our business has been built on trust and customer satisfaction

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Fast and friendly service is our promise to you.

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We have built our reputation on the attention to details and our loyal service to our customers

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We will diagnose your issues, provide you with options and a quote.

Testimonials From Our Customers

Our clients opinion about us

Serena did a great job today at assisting me with my issue with a stripped screw on my laptop. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get their laptops fixed. Thank you guys you did an amazing job.

Steven Wong

Fast friendly service!! Serena was very knowledgeable and fixed my computer on the spot!! If you have any issues with your laptop, desktop Computer Heaven is the BEST

Tiffany Franklin

Mr. Philip was a great help today. I had some tech issues with zoom. He was very patient and knowledgeable of the features and tech issues. He as able to help me with my issues. I highly recommend the store and their services.

Rochelle Elie

Have been using Computer Heaven for years, Not only personal, but business as well. Staff is always nice and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Heath Manuel

Customer service was fantastic and they got my computer back to me way quicker than I expected. I will absolutely be back if something else happens.

Noah Saacks

If you want prompt knowledgeable service go here. Whether you are shopping for new or want to save some money they have refurbished. I like that the 1 year warranty is through them. No calling a person out of town.

Bryan Kaigler

Worked with Philip. Really nice and great service. Was in and out fairly quick as well.

Michelle Seaton

Very knowledgeable sales staff. Service was exceptional. Plenty of parts and accessories for your computer.

Karla Sullivan
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